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• Back to School Extralarge Set

• 36 Supercolor Pencils, 36 Joy Markers, 12 Tempera Paints of 10 ml with a brush included, 1 Geometry Set composed of 4 pieces, 4 Memolight Highlighters, 1 Blue Oops Pen with 2 refills, 1 Red Oops Pen, 12 Maxi Oil Pastels, 5 Graphite Drawing Pencils, 3 Stick Glues of 10g, 3 Erasers

• 36 Joy Markers with super-washable ink, fine 2.6mm locked tip and ventilated cap, made in Italy

• Set of 12 ready-to-use 10ml tempera tubes, including 1 brush and a palette for color mixing, which are super-washable and blendable with each other, applicable on all porous materials, with high coverage. The packaging is 100% recyclable

• 1 Geometry Set composed of 4 geometric instruments. The set includes 1 20 cm ruler, 2 set squares, and 1 protactor 180°. It is a multifunctional tool with a practical resealable package

• 4 Memolight highlighters with assorted, bright, and washable colors. The ink is water-based, and the tip is a 5mm chisel. Made in Italy.

• 1 OOPS erasable pen blister with thermo-sensitive ink + 2 refills, blue color, ergonomic triangular grip, 0.7mm Ø tip, double eraser, and compatible refills

• 1 OOPS erasable pen blister with thermo-sensitive ink, red color, ergonomic triangular grip with double eraser, 0.7mm Ø tip, double eraser, and compatible refills

• Box of 12 super-soft oil pastels, Maxi body with Ø 10mm, perfect for use on paper, cardboard, canvas, and wood. With brilliant colors, high coverage, easy to blend with each other, and light-resistant. Premium quality.

• 5 mixed BLACK graphite pencils, easy to erase and sharpen, with a triangular and soft-touch body. The lead is resistant to breaking, useful for office and school.

• 3 10g Stick Glues. Ideal for use at home, school, and office. It quickly glues paper, photos, fabrics, and many other types of surfaces. Solvent-free.

• 3 erasers 

Wa  Warning! Not suitable for children under 3 years. Presence of small detachable parts. Risk of choking. Store at a maximum temperature of 40°C.

  • Super washable Super washable Super washable
  • Blocked tip Blocked tip Blocked tip
  • Brilliant colors Brilliant colors Brilliant colors
  • High covering High covering High covering
  • Soft Writing Soft Writing Soft Writing

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