The SGI POLICY requires that the management of all corporate processes is set up with the rules of the application of the Integrated Management System, according to the ISO 9001:2015 – ISO 14001:2015 – ISO 45001:2018 standards, while being consistent with the corporate mission.

This system regulates the organizational and technical activities applied to the entire corporate system in a systematic, planned, documented manner, aimed at achieving the following purposes:

the continuous improvement of the process management methods, to achieve better qualitative and quantitative results;
the achievement of a high level of effectiveness and efficiency regarding the training activities performed, with a view to a good quality/price ratio and in full compliance with the commitments signed with customers and with the mandatory legal provisions.

Through the Policy, the achievement of the objectives will also be possible through the scrupulous and punctual application of what is reported in the Manual, which defines and describes the quality management system implemented by our company.

The top management of the Organization is committed to pursuing the full implementation and continuous evolution of the Integrated Management System, to consolidate and improve the image of the company, also through the commitment and professionalism of all company personnel.

Quality represents for CARIOCA the goal and the means to achieve:

internal and external customer satisfaction and excellent results;
respect, protection and promotion of Safety;
respect for the environment and its protection;
maximum energy efficiency of its infrastructures and assets.

To achieve these ends, the Management of CARIOCA has identified the following fundamental general objectives, valid for the entire organization:

produce and trade products that comply with the requirements established by the Customers and suitable for satisfying their needs;
constantly monitor suppliers of raw materials and external processing;
maintain maximum punctuality in the provision of services to the Client;
ensure the Customer the greatest possible flexibility in delivery times and the maximum support for solving, in a short time, complaints and problems;
constantly improve efficiency, using all available resources without excessive waste and at the same time ensuring compliance with current legal provisions;
satisfy all needs required for the achievement of a Policy aimed at protecting and safeguarding the environment, by improving, where possible, the consumption of energy and water, and reducing the production of waste;
ensure compliance with the legal provisions on health and safety in the workplace;
undertake the compliance with all applicable legal requirements and other requirements that the company adopts, which concern our aspects of quality, safety and the environment;
create and maintain a corporate culture oriented towards Quality, safety and environment, by spreading this Policy and sharing of objectives for continuous improvement;
promote and maintain a continuous improvement process, aimed at achieving well-identified objectives.

To facilitate the achievement of these objectives, the Corporate Management of CARIOCA undertakes the following commitments:

define, review and keep the Company's strategic development lines defined in this Quality, Safety and Environment Policy constantly updated and appropriate for the purposes of the organization;
ensure the constant progress and expansion of the Company;
make the required resources available for carrying out and monitoring the activities and for their continuous improvement;
comply with all legal requirements and regulations;
communicate, within the Company, one's intentions and objectives, through the dissemination of this Policy for Quality, Safety and the Environment, so that it is understood and supported at all levels of the organisation;
ensure that this document is available to the public.

The Management of CARIOCA believes that the main tool to implement these guidelines in the best possible way is the maintenance and application of an integrated system documented and compliant with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 – ISO 14001:2015 – ISO 45001:2018 standards.
Everyone is the protagonist in achieving corporate Quality, in all phases of the service supply process, through the effective and efficient application of the Integrated Management System and the continuous improvement of operating methods, knowledge and experience.

The Management considers this Policy as a reference framework for its Management System and for the annual definition and review of its specific objectives.
The Policy is shared with all CARIOCA collaborators and made available to the remaining interested Parties.

The Management wanted to define a Code of Conduct as a fundamental tool for pursuing the objectives set in accordance with this Policy.
All staff and all CARIOCA collaborators comply with the following code, that is disseminated together with this Policy.

Here are the main points:

Build a relationship with the customer by affirming the principle of company-company productive collaboration.

Work to consolidate the results achieved, seeking an answer to mutual needs with the aim of building and not destroying.

Maintain an attitude based on maximum correctness with Customers, Suppliers and Workers.

Carrying out one's work with attachment and passion, collaborating constructively with all colleagues, intervening, supporting, and correcting those who are making mistakes in their work or wasting corporate assets.

Prevent and reduce risks to workers' health and safety, in particular:

  • prevent risks at source, i.e. in the design phase, choice of materials, identification of methods and technologies;
  • ensure that the work environments are suitable, safe and ergonomic for carrying out the activities;
  • protect workers' health through continuous health monitoring and its assessment;
  • reduce occupational accidents and diseases affecting workers;

6.    Respect the environment;

7.    Contribute to energy saving.