Commitment to sustainability is a duty not only to the environment but also to children and families

"I am delighted to share Carioca's first sustainability report.
At the centre of our mission are children and their parents, which is why our determination to make our daily activities more sustainable must be of the utmost importance. We are aware of our social, environmental and economic responsibilities and want to strive to limit our environmental impact and seize opportunities to create shared value.
The sustainability report, which summarises our ESG commitments to date, is our starting point”.

Enrico Toledo, CEO Carioca Spa.

A strategic plan that embraces care for the environment, for people and effective, innovative and modern corporate governance.

We aim to achieve some of the sustainable development goals defined by the United Nations, a commitment that concerns the entire company and our suppliers in a perspective of collective social responsibility, also and above all as a tool to raise awareness and educate new generations for a more sustainable future.

CARIOCA products are certainly among the priority objectives of the sustainability plan, a focus that has transformed technologies, materials, energy resources and the entire production cycle. Focus on product quality, safety and durability, together with a progressive reduction of virgin plastic in favour of post-consumer materials in a circular economy perspective, which however also needs external factors for its full realisation.

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